​Business Plans

Your business plan is one of your most important tools in planning for the future of your business. It outlines your vision, what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. The process of putting this plan together helps you set the course for your business — preparing for obstacles, allocating resources and planning for opportunities. It’s also a living document that should be updated as your business evolves over time.
A good business plan, which includes an effective marketing plan, also presents your business case to the outside world. It is a key factor in attracting and retaining investors and is often the first document lending organizations ask to see. ABN Planning & Finance are here to help you put together a comprehensive, strategic and effective blueprint for your business — a foundation for your success!

Marketing Plans

A good Marketing Plan will help you to improve your odds against more experienced competitors and newly emerging ones.  ABN Planning & Finance can develop a Marketing Plan that enables you to recognize and take action on any trends and consumer preferences that other companies have overlooked, and to develop and expand your own select group of loyal customers now and into the future.
Your Marketing Plan also shows to others that you have carefully considered how to produce a product that is innovative, unique and marketable- improving your chances of stable sales and profits - reasons for investors to financially back you.

Business Finance

Are you trying to fund your business? Are you having trouble obtaining your much needed finance from the Banks? Let us help you find the right financing option for your business.
Grow your business with the help of our Business Finance Specialists. We can assist by matching you with a non-bank lender for: Business Investment, Commercial Property, Development Finance, Specialist Cash Flow Solutions, Self-Managed Super Funds, Vehicle & Equipment.